For over 15 years I have been working in the study abroad travel industry. Since 2004, I have organized and conducted tours for over 30,000 American and International students. At FlorenceForFun, our door was always open to our customers for advice and assistance in planning their own travels. One of the questions that I was asked repeatedly was “What do I do when my parents come to visit?”

Leaving FlorenceForFun is not so much the end of an era, as an exciting beginning of a new one. I am no longer in my 30s, but in my 40s. I am now closer to your age, than to your children’s age and I have 18 years of experience living and traveling in Florence. Parent Week allows me to continue to work with study abroad students, but in a new context and a new role. I look forward to creating amazing experiences for you and your son or daughter that I am sure will become life long memories.

The four months that a student spends in Florence will be some of the most important and memorable of their lives so far. This is an invaluable opportunity for you to be involved and for them to share their favorite parts of their adopted city.