Advantages of Parent Week

With most programs being rigorous about class absences, students do not have to feel obligated to take time off while their parents are here. Parent Week will take care of them during the day leaving them free to spend time as a family after class and in the evenings.

Planning a trip to Europe can be stressful, particularly when you are working full time. From the moment you land in Italy, Parent Week will take care of organizing every other detail. This is especially reassuring for first time international travelers.

For the parents we provide an itinerary which includes all of the Florence and Tuscan highlights. Our itinerary also includes experiences for parents and students together. We know from years of working with study abroad students which things they save to do when their parents come to visit. I’ll give you a hint — they don’t fit
into a standard student budget!

We have been working with study abroad students for over 15 years. One of the most frequently asked questions is…”What should I do when my parents are here?”. Parent Week eliminates the need for the student to become the travel planner leaving them time to show their parents all their favorite places in their study abroad city.

Parent Week wants to make sure you have the best possible experience of the city your son or daughter chose as their home for a semester. We understand that you are here to visit your child as much as you are here to visit the city. Our itinerary schedules activities during the day when it is almost guaranteed that your student will be in class and free time when we they are definitely not. Plus, great experiences to share together which are already
included for both of you.

“Meeting the specific needs and schedule of study abroad parents”